By 2018, just two years time, 70% of engagements with your brand will be video-based through a portable device. That’s 7 out of 10 touches with the people that matter most to you. This change means much more than being mobile first or reexamining your YouTube and content strategy…this is a fundamental shift and requires a new way of thinking.

Put simply this change is about Video, Portable and Experience and is an inflection point that will dramatically challenge existing communications thinking, opening up a world of new, deeper engagement opportunities. This change is already happening but it may not have come into full focus for you yet.

We’ve been connecting brands and people since the early 1990s, helping brands solve business challenges through innovative communications and behaviours. In that time there have been a few key moments of dramatic change in people’s behaviour that have altered the direction of brand engagement; the Internet in the late 1990s, mobile in the early 2000s, social media in the late 2000s. Much like the change happening right now, all these moments redefined brand relationships and challenged communications thinking.

At Fundamental, as we always have, our focus is on leveraging this change to the advantage of our clients. Fundamental is a communications agency for the experience age.



We are story tellers who create simple ideas that will travel within a mobile-connected, experience-hungry audience. Below are some examples of our client experience.


Virgin Atlantic










Virtual Reality

Working alongside the founders of VR such as Oculus gives us a unique perspective in the emerging technology space, and allows us to create the best fit for purpose activities for clients as part of a planned series of VR activities, designed to specifically take brands on the right journey into the world of VR and 360 video.

Visit our virtual reality website to learn more.

Fundamental VR



Fundamental is a communications agency for the experience age.

We are an independent agency which seeks to bring the best talent in London to solve business and brand challenges. We believe that experiences have the greatest impact of people’s behaviour, irrespective of whether they are a consumer, B2B, stakeholder or staff.

We all live in the experience age. People value experiences more as they fill their lives with interest and their social feeds with content. Experience cements and destroys brand relationships, getting them right is hard. Keeping them right is really hard. An experience can be YouTube, advertising, face-to-face, mobile, event or a customer service moment.

The experiences that have the most impact (and value for brands) are those happening to you personally or ones you witness through video (increasingly through portable devices) and so we set about creating a communications agency that can think and execute across these key disciplines.

We go deep. To give our clients the experience they desire we need to go deep with them into their business challenges and audience motivations and so we look to work with clients on an ongoing basis.

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Come and play

Our approach to recruitment is simple; find great people and then find them amazing things to do! We are always looking for interesting, socially connected, comms fluent, creative people. If you think you’d like to work with us, please get in touch.

The roles we are particularly looking for right now include:

  • Creative Director
  • Account Director
  • Account Manager
  • Digital/Social Planner
  • Senior Comms Planner

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